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Our Mission Statement


Bob and Sally Rist started our firm in 1976. Bob was a long-term employee and head of sheet metal estimating for one of the larger mechanical contractors in the area. He became dissatisfied with the service being provided by the present suppliers in the area, and felt that he could offer better, as well as knowing things from the contractor's perspective. He launched our company shortly thereafter with a handful of manufacturers, some of which we still represent. Sally joined him in the operation and they worked together until approximately 1995. Today we represent over 25 companies, manufacturing what we firmly believe to be the finest equipment in the HVAC field.

We believe our niche in this field to be four-fold:

(A) Customer Service; We, like Bob, insist upon our customers receiving the best in customer service - they depend upon that. People tell us that "we're always there when they need us, our submittals many times go out the same day we receive the order, we return phone calls, faxes, and quotations promptly, etc, etc." Common sense stuff, but it works! We also are not commissioned salespeople with defined territories, thus we are always interested in helping out any customer, not just those within our sales area.

(B) Honesty; Critically important, both with the customers as well as the factories that we deal with. We go out of our way to make sure that everyone understands adds, deducts, or any price changes - if our prices do appear high for some reason, we explain why, before the customer has to ask. Errors in factory acknowledgements are brought to their attention, whether to our or their benefit, as well. All it takes is that one time of losing an important customers confidence.

(C) Consistency; Also works hand-in-hand with honesty, in that we always strive to keep price levels consistent, noting the reason for any differences - again, reinforcing the honesty aspect of our company. We try to consistently have our quotations out 2-3 days prior to bid date, and may not always have the low price, but we feel that the contractors come to us because they can depend on us for good honest service each and every time.

(D) Likeability; This may be a "new term" but people do like working with us! In addition to doing a good job and representing quality companies, we have fun doing it. It has been alleged that occasional cartoons have been emailed from our office with a quote or two, and we even try to send birthday cards to those whom we know dates for. We all spend far too much time in our occupations to not enjoy both whom we work with and what we do, and to be able to inject a little humor on occasion, into both.

Integrity - "Integrity is one of several paths. It distinguishes itself from the others because it is the right path, and the only one upon which you will never get lost." This framed statement appears on our conference room wall, and is a daily reminder of the importance of how we treat all of our business associates. We welcome you to give our organization as well as the firms that we represent, a chance to serve you, in this fashion. We very much appreciate your visiting our site - feel free to contact us with any suggestions, improvements, or ideas on how we might serve you better, either as a customer, supplier, or business associate.

Best regards,
Rist & Associates Team